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Boiler in place, the boiler installation work will be incorporated into the work schedule, how to arrange the boiler installation work, what is the boiler installation work path approach, perhaps to you a little help:
1, select the installation company: verify the qualification certificate, staffing and construction conditions of orchestration:
Boiler installation unit must be held in accordance with the installation scope of the boiler installation qualification certificate, and responsible for the local boiler and supervision agencies to get in contact, fill in the installation of the application form, and accept the installation of local boiler inspection unit inspection. After the installation is completed, the boiler unit, the installation unit and the local boiler supervision organization to install the work of quality acceptance. And in accordance with the relevant provisions of the timely use of the boiler registration procedures. Boiler units should have the person in charge of the boiler installation, boiler installation need fireman attended, and is equipped with foreman, fitter, heavy industries, cold work, welders and auxiliary industry and trade.
2, strict implementation of the installation quality requirements:
(1) the boiler installation shall comply with the design requirements, and comply with the requirements of the GB50273-1998 "industrial boiler installation engineering construction and acceptance specification".
(2) the heat insulation of the boiler and its auxiliary equipment and heat pipe shall comply with the requirements of GB4272.
3, optimize the boiler room and boiler installation location:
(1) the installation location should be close to the use of the steam place, reduce the loss of heat pipe.
(2) water supply and drainage.
(3) fuel and ash storage and transportation is convenient.
(4) when the boiler is in the installation and transportation, it maintains the transport of the.
(5) of the boiler room layout should be consistent with the provisions of the steam boiler safety technology supervision regulation in Chapter 8, boiler room, adequate light, good ventilation, the ground should not be stagnant water, in order to ensure the boiler operation and maintenance convenience, furnace spare (from the edge of the coal scuttle to 4-5 meters, furnace spare 2.5-3 meters, left free (including blower) not less than 1-2 meters, on the right side of the spare not less than 3 meters.
4, ground preparation:
According to the foundation construction drawing, with common brick masonry feet two, make slag pit foundation and leave in advance of good dust collector and fan the anchor bolt holes.

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