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Technological process

The boiler wall is composed of front, rear, left and right membrane water wall and the membrane wall is suspended. The boiler body hanging in steel girder, the whole free expansion down. Circulating gas from the upper levels are introduced into the boiler straight down has through the secondary superheater, a superheater, light tube evaporator, a coal economizer and finally discharged out of the boiler. Boiler feedwater introspection economizer header into the boiler, heat transfer from the economizer header, the provincial coal rising tube into the top platform of the drum. Water cycle is divided into two parts, a road leads from the lower, the drop tube into the surrounded by water cooling wall, the water wall rise tubes to the steam drum, natural circulation; a road leads from the lower part of the drum, after pressure forced circulation pump, respectively, into the fin tube evaporator and the light tube evaporator, and again from the evaporator outlet header which leads into the drum, for forced circulation. Drum saturated steam from the top of the drum leads, after entering the primary superheater spray reduction temperature and then enter the secondary superheater, secondary superheater superheated steam is steam. The furnace heating surface by the secondary superheater, a superheater, the light tube evaporator, fin tube evaporator, and relatively independent of the fin tube economizer. The heating surface in the furnace is forced circulation, and the film type water cooling wall is a natural circulation. Economizer at both ends of the corrugated expansion joint, expansion for boiler, and secondary superheater desuperheater, superheater outlet temperature control.

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