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Installation process
1 boiler in place: application of heavy equipment slowly lifting, rigorous collision and ensure furnace of the four corners of the pad, maintain a certain level of degree and sealed with a basic plane, prevent leakage. Under normal circumstances, the top of the boiler from the water tank at the bottom of the clearance height of not less than 700mm, furnace, the furnace before and after both sides of the channel to have enough operation space, net distance should not less than 800mm. (the operating space of the large power boiler can be appropriately enlarged)
2, chimney hoisting: Boiler in place, the multi section chimney connected into one with bolts, straightening. Each pair of flanges, the flange of the middle of the asbestos rope closed, tighten the bolts. With the long arm of the chimney crane stood up, with the three cross at an angle of 120 degrees and a steel wire and ground into an angle of 45 degrees to hold the chimney. Ground anchor cable should be solid and reliable, consistent tension of the cable. Large power boiler chimney and boiler in place, the connection between the chimney must be a rising gradient, and the slope is not less than 20 degrees, this section of the flue is not easy to be too long.
Under the premise of ensuring the gravity of the chimney, the outdoor chimney should be avoided due to the high buildings or the short story building. The chimney from the top layer to the chimney around the piercing, tightly sealed, and can not contact with combustible material. The overflow pipe at the base of the stack is used for connecting the plastic (or rubber) pipes to the ground.
3, the installation of the supply water tank: the supply water tank is an important guarantee to ensure the safe operation of the normal pressure hot water boiler. The supply water tank should be installed in the boiler room, the bottom surface of the water tank should be higher than the 500mm of the main outlet pipe line, the upper edge of the water tank is not more than 3.5 meters above the boiler. Water tank should be set up, automatic replenishment float ball valve, overflow pipe, sewage pipe, the water level meter glass tube should have a normal level, the lowest, the highest level of clear signs, the lowest visible on the edge of the 25mm, is the lowest level line. Water level meter should drain cock cock, and the inside diameter of the glass tube diameter not less than 8mm, to the 100mm upper water tank overflow pipe. Automatic replenishment float valve is less than the overflow pipe 200mm is appropriate. Tank to the boiler make-up water pipe should be installed in the automatic opening and closing of the valve and the boiler return water pipe and the diameter to be equal to the boiler outlet pipe diameter.
4, the installation of the circulating water pump and pipeline:
Circulating water pump is an important auxiliary equipment of atmospheric pressure hot water boiler, the boiler water is heated, and the circulating water pump is completely fed into the system. Therefore, the circulating water pump and its pipe installation is very important, the atmospheric pressure hot water boiler circulating water pumps are used in the centrifugal water pump and pipe hot water circulating pump.
(1) first, to determine the location of the circulating water pump, the pump away from the boiler is better, but in order to reduce the noise of the boiler, the best pump is set up in a separate pump room, the layout of the pump to facilitate operation and maintenance.
(2) when installed, with reference to the hot water circulating pump installation instructions for use of the water pump is arranged in the prefabricated cement based on, after positioning, the anchor bolt perfusion in preformed hole, solidification after the transfer pump to the level, the rear fastening cement mortar is coated on the surface.
(3) in general, the circulating water pump should be parallel to the two, one with one.
(4) in order to prevent cavitation in the pump, we should try to reduce the pump inlet side resistance, and there is enough distance between the central line of the pump inlet and the boiler water level line (not less than 2m).
Specific requirements are as follows:
A) the diameter of the suction pipe shall not be less than the inlet diameter of the circulating water pump;
B) suction line should be as short as possible, and reduce elbow;
C) the horizontal section of the suction pipe must be correct, that is, there is no place to keep the gas in the suction line, and the highest point of the suction line should be set up by hand.
D) before the intake port should have a length of not less than 3 times the diameter of the pipe diameter of the straight pipe section;
E) the inlet of the circulating pump should be fitted with a gate valve (or ball valve) and no stop valve shall be installed. The outlet of the circulating water pump shall be fitted with a check valve and gate valve (or butterfly valve).
5, normal pressure hot water boiler safety device and instrument installation
(1) the installation of an air communicating pipe is to ensure that the boiler is connected to the atmosphere in any case without pressure, and the top of the boiler must be connected with the atmosphere. Installation is connected with the air tube, should try to reduce the elbow, tube no water, do not block, no shrinkage, are not allowed to install any valve, a height of not more than 4m and outlet connected to the supply tank liquid level is arranged at the upper end of the, out of the water, let the boiler excess water in the supply tank. On the bottom of the water tank, the horizontal connection of the tube and the air connected pipe (see Figure 2).
(2) the installation of a pressure gauge:
Pressure gauge installation location: a) the top part of the boiler (or exit) provided with a pressure meter, under normal circumstances, the table should not show pressure, when if atmospheric connection pipe is blocked or inadequate drainage, the table can remind stoker personnel pay attention to timely find out the reasons. B) the outlet of the circulating water pump is equipped with a pressure gauge, which can measure the system pressure, and is generally installed in the check valve. C) at the entrance to the backwater valve pressure gauge, the system can be observed by the system to return the pressure, but also can be based on the pressure difference between the circulating pump outlet table and the table to determine the system resistance. D) the pressure gauge at the entrance of the circulating water pump should choose the vacuum gauge. In the whole boiler and system, the pressure at the entrance of the pump is the lowest, and even the vacuum phenomenon. If the pressure gauge is installed, it is difficult to accurately measure the pressure value. Therefore, a vacuum pressure gauge should be installed, through the observation of the table data, we can know the pump inlet pressure, the calculation of the pump suction pipe resistance loss, in order to prevent the pump inlet cavitation.
The pressure gauge shall be in accordance with the following

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